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Grains and Gains Elite performer is a premium fresh, 100% lucerne haylage, created to change the way we fuel our horses. Haylage is the closest texture to a horses natural diet. The fermentation process retains more nutrients than hay, meaning there is more nutrients available. The unique longer chop length of Elite Performer is designed to create more chew for the horse, slowing the intake allowing a better nutrient absorption rate whilst generating more saliva, saliva being a critical component of the equine digestive process, easing the passage from mouth to stomach making Elite Performer a highly digestible feed of choice.

Nutrition analysis

Protein: 21.5%
Crude fat: 2.5%
Starch and sugars: 1 – 4% calcium: 16g/kg
Dry matter average: 50 – 55% digestible energy: 10.2mj/kg

Storage instructions

Ensure bag is not punctured before use. Once opened, fold down top of bag to remove and keep out as much air as possible. Store in a dark, cool, dry place.

Feeding recommendations (as fed)

Pony: 1kg – 2kg
Light work: 2kg – 4kg


Moderate work: 4kg – 6kg dressage/show jumping/eventing/rodeo.
Heavy work: 4kg – 8kg racing/endurance.
Weanlings/yearlings: 2kg – 3kg 
Pregnant mares: 2kg – 6kg
Ulcer recovery: 3kg per 100kg bodyweight.

Once product is opened, contents should be consumed within 5-7 days

Elite performer should be added in to your feed program by 0.5kg per day until desired quality is reached. Elite performer is 100% safe to be fed on its own to all horses.